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Also if those screens of Blackwall are any indication, then I can safely say that guys with dark hair and blue eyes do, indeed, continue to fuck me over. Might have to stick him in that text post thingy I did with Seb and Nate. He sticks out a bit, but overall a good fit.

Anonymous said: Gift: Panco bread crumbs

Bread crumbs make most anything better +50 approval.

Nug pajamas should be a thing.

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theoracleofllaena said: I'd turn off the Bioware game, recreate you in Saints Row, and give you a giant dildo sword so I can mash the screenshot button as you beat up prostitutes and aliens.

Dude what am I even going to do with you.

…I will get back to Saint’s Row eventually.

Anonymous said: A revised copy of the Chant by that one older priestess in Denerim who puts food in the verses.

Mmm, bacon and shield…breaded sinners…

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cassandrapentaghast replied to your post “You know those dirty pantaloons your dog finds in DA:O? :D all yours bby”

what the hell

I know right? They could have at least brought me the cake.

Anonymous said: You know those dirty pantaloons your dog finds in DA:O? :D all yours bby

I wanted to work in an “Upkilt Monthly” joke in there but I’m just not that witty tonight.

elfyourmother said: A subscription to Wholesome Chantry Brothers magazine.

"Wholesome", huh? +100 approval

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If I was a Bioware character and you wanted to gain my affection,

what kind of present would you give me?

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