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And please help howl take back his heart.


my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

Trying to free Ketojan/Saarebas and talking to him before he kills himself is a bit more satisfying than giving him back and allowing himself to be killed, but… Judith is sensible enough to know Qunari ways are far, far from her own. She didn’t even want to take the job and risk offending them. She may not be great at reading people, but she can tell when others are as stubborn as she is. 

…Plus that’s another 10 rivalry points from Anders. Not even done with Act One and I’m already close to maxing out his rivalry. I’ll take that as a win.

"You’re not nearly important enough," Oh, I almost wish you’d live long enough to watch Judy prove you wrong… actually, I believe there is a way to get her to survive… and I think such a path leads to Sebastian rivalry points.

…But I think that path borders zealotry, if I remember right, so… yeah…no.

gemmiejam replied to your post “I can’t do this favorite characters guessing game going around….”

My favourite Character Ever is from Stargate Atlantis…

No judgement here, friend.

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I can’t do this favorite characters guessing game going around.

Because with favorites, I have either blatantly obvious ones that I never shut up about, or secret/shameful ones of days long past, things that I only assume are a wasteland of a fandom (if there’s even a fandom to be had) and you must never find out.

There’s an idea, actually.

Perhaps one day I’ll commission someone to draw Judy in that outfit the Ferelden woman had on, or something like it. Something unapologetically Ferelden.

Yeah, all that. Let’s make that happen.


hallo yes i have scans 4 u

there’s a ton of cool shit in this book but i tried to limit scans down to costume/character design as per psdo’s request

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