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I’m trying to speed up the time it takes for me to finish digitally, aka holding back on all those overlays :’D.

Judith: I just don’t know what to do, how to feel. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s been a priest.

Jethann: You can’t help the way you feel, sweet Judy. We get a lot of templars in here, they don’t seem too broken up about their natural feelings and urges.

Judith: Templars are discouraged from marrying, but their not forbidden from having relationships. Brothers and sisters, once they’ve taken their vows… it’s their whole lives. Take no bride but Andraste, that’s what he said.

Jethann: I always thought that was weird. Wasn’t Andraste married before the Maker stepped in?

Judith: (sighs) I didn’t say it made sense, my friend, but that’s how it is.

Jethann: Aren’t you fixing that problem anyway? You’re convincing him to be a prince again, right?

Judith: I am, I have been for some time. I never doubted it was right, but then I started getting these feelings. Now I’m wondering… am I pushing him to take back his lands because it’s the right, responsible thing to do…or because, as a prince… I might actually have a chance with him.

Jethann: Doesn’t seem so bad to me. Can’t it be both? You’ve never doubted yourself before. And it sounds like this prince of yours could use someone as confident as you.

Judith: Yeah…maybe you’re right.

Jethann: Sure I am. You’d make a much better bride than Andraste, anyway. What with being alive and all.

Judith: Yes…okay! No more hiding! No more fumbling in the dark! I’m going to tell him exactly how I feel!

Jethann: Wonderful. Now about that lingerie place…

Judith: Oh! Um… it… it’s too soon…just write the address here and…I’ll look at it later.

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Oh, Judy. *heart* I imagine someone there could help her out with a little more subtlety than Isabela would manage. I don’t really have a Hawke who spends much time there..should rectify that. Hmm.

Well, Judy’s going to be in charge of this city-state someday. And to be an effective leader, to be a real people’s Champion, she has to know what the people are going through. Everyone matters, and everyone must be protected.

Hmm…it may not be so crazy if she even asked some of the workers there for help once she realizes and admits to having romantic feelings for Sebastian. She clearly needs help, as she’s been blurting nonsense to him.

…And no offense to her friends, but they talk about everything; there’s never one thing a person in that group does without it being thrown about while they walk around Kirkwall. 

And sometimes being close to someone makes talking about these things even harder.

Plus, apparently SHE is the one they go to for love help. What does that say about what they know of romance? Yeesh.

Could be sweet, actually. If say, Jethan, told her to just be upfront, like she always is. Even if he says no, even if it hurts, it’ll feel better to be honest and have those feelings known. 

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Oh, I believe you. I don’t hang out much in the RL district much so I’ve missed it

I have been playing with the idea that Judith goes to the Rose regularly. The people are nicer than those at the Hanged Man, the food is better (and better portions!). She’s not interested in sex with someone she doesn’t deeply care for, but she will pay them for their time talking to her. She’s learned a lot about Kirkwall and the struggles of everyday people that way.

You’d be surprised how much good you can do by simply listening.

…I realize this is quite the transition from implications of Sebastian in lingerie

…Maybe she’d ask someone there if this was true and where she could buy a some. Preferably something in blue…

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