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Wow, I’d love when I can write these two without dropping my feelings all over the place. ;;


“You can’t leave the Wardens,” Fenris said.

“Bollocks,” Bethany murmured, “I can do whatever I like. Anders left the Wardens and he’s… Well, not the best example, actually. The important thing is he left.

Fenris took her hands, running his thumbs along her knuckles. He wanted so badly to tell her to leave, to be with him. They could run off together, find a new place that belonged only to them. They could stay up late reading together, feet rubbing under the blankets, heads resting together. For a moment their life together was so vivid Fenris was blinded by it.

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thebearmuse replied to your post “[[MOR]Is it wrong, that, upon realizing Shale’s personal mission and…”

Head canons! <3 And if it IS something that impacts gameplay, DA Keep can fix all. :)


Well, the original incarnation of Hervor remembered to bring it, maybe I can just… combine the two.

Although part of it is just being mad at myself. I had forgotten that once you’re in the Anvil, there’s literally no going back. I was never prompted to change my party, so I thought maybe they’d do that right before meeting Cairidin. But I was wrong.

springagainafter replied to your post “[[MOR]Is it wrong, that, upon realizing Shale’s personal mission and…”

Oh no. And that’d mean doing that portion of Orzammar all over again, ugh.

I had a few save files. Unfortunately they were all too early or too late.

And I had spent SO much time in Orzammar that I just wanted the whole thing over and done with.

Eventually I just saved over everything so I would not even be tempted, it was not worth the trouble.

But I do still have one other save, the very first one, just as soon as you take control of your Warden.

Because who knows? I may want to see Hervor again one day.

Hopefully if that day should come, I’ll remember stupid stuff like this.



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